Meditech Catalog of 2017-2018

Meditech catalog for 2017-2018

We supply e-catalog and specification of our products online with full details and generally speaking we will send the original catalogs with first  order.

Items :

Manual Defibrillator . Autamater Extrenal Defibrillator 
Table Spirometerr . Handheld Spirometer 
ECG Machine . ECG Holter . Stress Test
Pulse Oximeter
Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter . Handheld Pulse Oximeter
Visual Stethoscope
Fetal Monitor
Fetal Heart Rate Monitor . Fetal Doppler
Ultrasound Scanner
B/W. Ultrasound Scanner . Color  Doppler Ultrasound Scanner 
Blood Pressure Monitor
Real Time Blood Pressure Monitor . Blood Pressure Monitor
HandHeld CO2 Monitor . Table CO2 Monitor 
Vital Signs Monitor
Multi Parameter Patient Monitor
Patient Monitor  . Handheld Patient  Monitor . Smart Patient Monitor