CardioSoft pro

CardioSoft pro connected with device by USB and it allow user to Download Case, Database Management, Instant Sample, System Setting, 12-lead simultaneous ECG, Frequency Cardiogram (FCG), High Frequency ECG, QT internal Dispersion analysis, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, etc, which can reflect the circumstance of user heart locomotion in order that doctors diagnose . 
Sampling template with real-time sample, display, and save function, and also with real-time analyzing QRS wave and calculating heart rate.
Advanced arithmetic is adopted in the software, so that it is more perfect when the computer is seeking points, and it can obtain reliable sort of automate recognized heart beating malfunction, which can have the analyzing report and conclusion more valuable.
Thoroughly new orientation diagnose function for coronary heart disease is finer to analyze abnormal Q wave
QTD template is provided to display the Chromatogram Map, and also show the 12-lead ECG waves in high fidelity in order to adjust the points  position exactly; 
HRV can sustain to analyze and print in long case. You can select the analyzing time conveniently by pressing the mouse left button. 
Reports print and print preview 
High-sampling rate (500Hz) and fine resolution in display and print out, makes ECG waves perfect.
Strong data management makes it convenient to exceed, query, delete and modify the case history data, and sustain combined conditions query function.
Customizing your systems setting. 
3 kinds of filter methods such as Base Filter, PF Filter and EMG Filter for your choice in sample
Lead fell alarm can display the information of fell lead in time and exactly in sample.