To apply for the extended warranty the end-user has to register his or her product including serial number and some purchase information on the Meditech website


1. Service Policy
Meditech and its distributors must ensure that the quality of products and services delivered to end users are of the highest quality. To achieve this goal, Meditech has established a technical team to support distributors and many distributor service teams to provide maintenance and service to end users.

2. Return Policy (for repairs)
If a replacement part needs to be returned to Meditech, the following steps should be followed:
Obtain a return authorization.
Complete the service form and provide detailed information, such as SN of the main unit and probe, software version, a detailed description of the reason for return, and correspondence.
Fee policy

① Within the warranty period (excluding non-manufacturing reasons): Customer is responsible for freight and insurance charges when the replacement part is sent to Meditech for repair (including customs charges). Meditech is responsible for freight and insurance charges between Meditech and the customer;

② Out of warranty: customer is responsible for all freight and insurance charges for the returned replacement part.
***** Meditech NOT is responsible for any product returned to the contact person (from Meditech team) without complaint,

Please contact us before returning your defective items. Otherwise, the sender will be responsible for all costs and will lose

3. Training Center
Training and skill development have become essential components to ensure the efficiency of service personnel.
Training programs, along with hands-on training and field experience, lead to a better knowledge of how to support Meditech products. As a result, our service technicians know how to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.